Weekly Bulletin

with St. Patrick Parish as our home away from home parish

CSA is a mobile campus ministry with events at many places around the campus!

CSA’s home base is a cubicle on the 4th floor of Stern. (right side)
Our Campus Minister, Jim Grove, has an office there with posted hours.
Jim is always available by text: 10 AM – midnight.
The cubicle in Stern has several chairs and can be a great study or rest spot.

cofcatholics.org                            Jim’s cell; 740.405.5043
cofcatholics@aol.com                FB: CofC Catholic Student Association (join us!!!)
Campus Ministry Director            Jim Grove                          cofcatholics@aol.com
CSA Student President                 Emma Penny ’18                        pennyec@g.cofc.edu

CSA Student Team
Erin Hynd Social Outreach (hyndes@g.cofc.edu), James Peyla VP,
Noah Dubois, Andrew Myers, Rachel Simoneaux, Mariana Obando, Chase Myers
Meghan Longtin, James Riggs, Alyssa Anderson, Cam Nguyen, Blaine Billings

Our regular priest celebrant for Mass is Fr. Henry Kulah
Pastor, St. Patrick Parish

Liturgical Music Coordinator is Terese Soliman    (tmcls11@att.net)

About Sacraments…

Fr. Henry available in lower church before Mass
for Sacrament of Reconciliation
Fr. Henry also has Reconciliation each Saturday, 5-5:30, in lower church
Cathedral Reconciliation daily 11:15, Sat 4 pm
Fr. Henry celebrates daily Mass, T – F, at 8 AM here at St. Pat’s
Cathedral on Broad St. has a daily noon Mass
St. Mary on Hasell  has M- Th 8 AM Mass



We hope that you join us each week  for 5 PM Sunday Mass.
All colleges are welcome and all faith seekers can find an open atmosphere
of hospitality in this community.


Sunday Mass schedule of other walking distance, downtown churches:

St. Mary’s (89 Hasell St.)@ 9 & 11 AM
Cathedral (120 Broad St.)@ 9 & 11:15 AM, 6 PM  (also 5:30 Sat.)
Sacred Heart (888 King) @ 10 AM (also 4:30 Sat.)


OUR CAMPUS MINISTER Jim Grove eats at Liberty’s Fresh Food each Thursday at noon AND drinks coffee at Starbucks (corner of Calhoun & King Sts.) on Mondays at 4 PM. Stop to say hi! A perfect time for any questions or ideas!
If you need anything, just
contact us.
Our office is here to listen and to help. Welcome!


January 14, 2018
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time



v TUES. CSA CHURCH CHATS begins in Stern 201 / 7 – 8 PM
All are welcome! Bring a new friend with you!
Each week a student will lead a discussion on a contemporary topic, using both their personal experience and church tradition to get us started.
On this first one we want to discuss any topics Catholic


v WED. is our campus day to remember Martin Luther King !!!
6-8 PM  in TD Arena – McAlister suite
The daughter of one of the Emanuel 9 will speak.
Please take time to share in this conversation.


WED. Cistern Yard Night Prayer  /  9 PM
a great 15 min study break with other students
a perfect way to end the class day with God


THURS. Tea with Daughters of St. Paul / 5 PM
grab some tea and just relax with other students in the sisters’ tea garden
also…another study or gathering space, open each day (M-Sat) from 10 am – 6 pm

CofC Catholic Student Association

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Each week CSA will prepare for CHURCH CHATS by posting a blog

Written by campus minister Jim & student of the week leader

Check it out







REFLECTION to help prepare for scripture readings at today’s Mass:

Today takes us back to the Jewish story of Samuel’s call. Samuel’s mother, Hannah had been unable to bear children. At the Shiloh temple she pleaded with the Lord for a child whom she would give back to God in eternal service. And so Samuel was born! (Just before today’s passage) After his birth she presents him to the old priest Eli in the temple and she sings a song to God … a song very similar to the one Mary will sing as she bears Jesus to give him back to the Father! These women (now mothers) trust that God will guide and care for their sons. Eli helps Samuel understand that God reveals his divine voice to the boy and teaches him about the hardships of fidelity to this voice. In John’s gospel the first disciples encounter Jesus while John the Baptist helps them to recognize and follow the Lord’s voice. Paul reminds us that our actual bodies also serve as a conduit of God for we are ALL temples of the Holy Spirit, the Lord living within us. May we be open to those who help us hear and discern the Lord’s voice in in our depths… for in that secret core and holy place, alone with God, his voice will echo in our hearts and guide us through life. May these prophetic men show us how to hear and see our God. May these holy women, Hannah and Mary, show us the sacrifice needed to really say YES to God’s voice.


Please Come to Lower Church after Mass for food & fellowship
Great way to meet new people

Turkey Chili, Chicken & noodles, meatball subs, cheesy potatoes,
veggie casserole, fruit & salad