Weekly Bulletin

LENT 2019

with St. Patrick Parish as our home away from home parish
CSA is a mobile campus ministry
with events at many places around the campus!

CSA’s home base is the 3rd floor of Stern with RLC.
Our Campus Minister, Jim Grove, has an office on 3rd floor- text him if doors to offices are closed.
Jim is always available by text: 10 AM – midnight.
3rd & 4th floors of Stern have several great study or rest areas. We hope that CSA will hang there some!.

cofcatholics.org                            Jim’s cell; 740.405.5043
cofcatholics@aol.com                FB: CofC Catholic Student Association (join us!!!)

Campus Ministry Director            Jim Grove                          cofcatholics@aol.com
CSA Student President                 Mariana Obando Velez obandovelezm@g.cofc.edu

CSA Student Team
Blaine Billings (billingsbt@g.cofc.edu) & Chase Myers (camyers1997@outlook.com)
Social Outreach Coordinators
James Allen Riggs VP,
Andrew Myers, Rachel Simoneaux, Maddie Neff, Darby Molony
Gabrielle Carter, Emily Tran, Trent Humphrey

Our regular priest celebrant for Mass is Fr. Henry Kulah
Pastor, St. Patrick Parish with Deacon John Breeden

About Sacraments…

Fr. Henry available in lower church before Mass
for Sacrament of Reconciliation
Fr. Henry also has Reconciliation each Saturday, 5-5:30, in lower church
Cathedral Reconciliation Wed 12:45 & 7 pm, Sat 4 pm

Fr. Henry celebrates daily Mass, T – F, at 8 AM here at St. Pat’s
At St. Mary’s M & T 8 AM
Cathedral on Broad St. has a daily noon Mass



We hope that you join us each week for 5 PM Sunday Mass.
All colleges are welcome and all faith seekers can find an open atmosphere
of hospitality in this community.


Sunday Mass schedule of other walking distance, downtown churches:

St. Mary’s (89 Hasell St.)@ 9 AM
Cathedral (120 Broad St.)@ 9 & 11:15 AM, 6 PM  (also 5:30 Sat.)
Sacred Heart (888 King) @ 10 AM (also 4:30 Sat.)
St. Pat has own parish Masses at 8 & 10 AM (also 6:00 Sat)



PRAYERS FOR SAFETY, JOY, & REST during Spring Break

March 10, 2019
First Sunday of Lent



Stern 201 / 7-8 PM
student-led discussions on Christ in Modern Times this week: masculinity and the church  today
bring friends – all are welcome

WED. Laundry Matters
meet at St Pat at 5:50 PM
go to America St to help families with free wash & dry
back to campus at 8 PM

WED. Cistern Yard NIGHT PRAYER / 9 PM
a great 20 min study break with other students
a perfect way to end the class day with God


Lent = pray + sacrifice + give
Fridays of Lent are days of abstinence


Because of Spring Break – NO Sun Student Mass on Mar 17
But plan to be back following Sunday
We do have Sun Student Mass on March 24!!!

During Lent CSA’s special project will be
LowCountry Pregnancy Center


Please collect your loose change in the baby bottles distributed today.

At the end of Lent we will collect them (filled with your change)

and purchase clothing for families with new babies.



IF you are in the city and are interested.
join Jim On TH Mar 21 for a field trip to MEPKIN ABBEY.
We will leave St Pat at 10 AM, go to Mepkin (about 30 min drive),
take tour, meet with monks for noon prayer, and stop for free late lunch.
Back to campus about 3:30 PM


Nothing is more foundational to our faith than the Bible.
Spending time with the scripture readings before and after Mass is a great Lenten practice!

A center of today’s gospel passage is the desert experience. Jesus – filled with the Holy Spirit – goes to the desert. Wonder what he did while he was alone for 40 days? He probably prayed, that is, he worked intensely on his relationship with the Father. Then enters the devil – the tempter. Jesus knew that life involves sacrifice, not  personal grandeur. So, he did not let these real temptations overtake him. Finally, when the devil left him ‘for a time’ ,what did Jesus do? He didn’t stay in the desert. He went into the city and began to teach and heal the people… he began to give people ‘the alms’ of his service. Temptation is really hard. How – from the human side – could Jesus resist? Notice that in Luke’s gospel every time the devil challenged him he quoted ‘the Bible.’ In fact, it is the Book of Deuteronomy which is our first reading today. There Jesus heard his Jewish ancestors through the person of Moses – at the end of his life as he readies for his own death – remember how God saved them from slavery to freedom and gave them a land. Moses told the people to never forget this. Remember it each year and bring it alive, for God continued to save them and give them a land. On the human side that is how Jesus knew what to do in the desert. He turned to the story of faith he had learned since childhood and brought it alive in his challenges to the devil. In this Lent, may we experience the desert as that place of solitude to return to our story of faith and be renewed to pray, to sacrifice, to live a life of giving. Then we too will know that Jesus saves us from the slavery of sin and leads us to his land, the Father’s kingdom.



Great way to meet new people!
Menu: Moe’s Fajita Bar, Chase’s Mexican Lasagna, Jim & Nick’s beef brisket, potatoes,
veggies, mac & cheese, fruit salad, Taziki’s tomato-cucumber salad