Weekly Bulletin

with St. Patrick Parish as our home away from home parish

CSA is a mobile campus ministry with events at many places around the campus!

NEW >>>>>>>>>>>> CSA’s home base is the 3rd  & 4th floors of Stern with RLC.
Our Campus Minister, Mr. Jim Grove, has an office on 3rd floor- text him if doors to offices are closed.
Jim is always available by text: 10 AM – midnight.
3rd & 4th floors of Stern have several great study or rest areas. We hope that CSA will hang there some!.

cofcatholics.org                            Jim’s cell; 740.405.5043
cofcatholics@aol.com                    FB: CofC Catholic Student Association (join us!!!)

Campus Ministry Director            Jim Grove                          cofcatholics@aol.com
CSA Student President                 Mariana Obando Velez obandovelezm@g.cofc.edu

CSA Student Team
Blaine Billings (billingsbt@g.cofc.edu) & Chase Myers (camyers1997@outlook.com)
Social Outreach Coordinators
James Allen Riggs VP,
Andrew Myers, Rachel Simoneaux, Maddie Neff, Darby Molony
Gabrielle Carter, Emily Tran, Trent Humphrey

Our regular priest celebrant for Mass is Fr. Henry Kulah
Pastor, St. Patrick Parish with Deacon John Breeden

About Sacraments…

Fr. Henry available in lower church before Mass
for Sacrament of Reconciliation
Fr. Henry also has Reconciliation each Saturday, 5-5:30, in lower church
Cathedral Reconciliation daily W 12:45 & 7 pm, Sat 4 pm

Fr. Henry celebrates daily Mass, T – F, at 8 AM here at St. Pat’s
At St. Mary’s M & T 8 AM
Cathedral on Broad St. has a daily noon Mass



We hope that you join us each week for 5 PM Sunday Mass.
All colleges are welcome and all faith seekers can find an open atmosphere
of hospitality in this community.


Sunday Mass schedule of other walking distance, downtown churches:

St. Mary’s (89 Hasell St.)@ 9 AM
Cathedral (120 Broad St.)@ 9 & 11:15 AM, 6 PM  (also 5:30 Sat.)
Sacred Heart (888 King) @ 10 AM (also 4:30 Sat.)
St. Pat has own parish Masses at 8 & 10 AM (also 6:00 Sat)


We pray over our Dec. grads and present them with our CSA medal
The CSA family always will keep you in prayer!!!

December 2, 2018
First Sunday of Advent


This Week with CSA


THIS WED. at 9 pm
Cistern Night Prayer
a great 20 min. exam study break with our faith community
last one of semester

Next Sunday Dec. 9

Last Sunday Student 5 pm Mass
Please come as your exam study break
great prayer
and food to take back to library for more study!!!


First Mass of second semester

Jan. 6, 2019


Join CSA for St Pat’s 8 AM Mass!!!

Christmas Blessings!

In thanks for all of you being part of our faith community – from CSA!


REFLECTION to help prepare for scripture readings at today’s Mass:
Today our church begins a new liturgical year and we begin to journey through the gospel as proclaimed in Luke.
As last week we Christians proclaim two very real events: Jesus will come at the end of time to present the new heaven and earth to the Father AND this new creation already has begun because God has made his dwelling with us in Jesus. In the first reading the prophet Jeremiah says that when God fulfills the promise it will be such a HUGE deal that Jerusalem – the foundation of God’s presence with his people- will be re-named… now called The Lord our justice. How will God fulfill this promise of a new heaven and earth? Jeremiah says…  by raising up a just shoot from David… one who will do what is right and just in the land. As Christians that is what Christmas is about… God fulfilling the promise… so Luke proclaims … today in the city of David a savior (the name JESUS means God saves!) has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord. Luke’s advice as all of this happens… stand erect and raise your heads because your redemption is at hand!


Today CSA will take up the offertory as  a special collection to help with the
COUGAR FOOD PANTRY where any student short on food can come!


Please Come to Lower Church after Mass for study food & fellowship
salmon, chicken breasts & tenders, mac & cheese, veggie fried rice,
vegan pasta, meatball subs
potatoes, veggies, baked ziti for study