Weekly Bulletin

with St. Patrick Parish as our home away from home parish

CSA is a mobile campus ministry with events at many places around the campus!

CSA’s home base is a cubicle on the 4th floor of Stern with RLC.
Our Campus Minister, Mr. Jim Grove, has an office there.
Jim is always available by text: 10 AM – midnight.
The cubicle in Stern has several chairs and can be a great study or rest spot.

cofcatholics.org                            Jim’s cell; 740.405.5043
cofcatholics@aol.com                FB: CofC Catholic Student Association (join us!!!)

Campus Ministry Director            Jim Grove                          cofcatholics@aol.com
CSA Student President                 Mariana Obando Velez obandovelezm@g.cofc.edu

CSA Student Team

Blaine Billings & Chase Myers -Social Outreach, James Allen Riggs VP,
Noah Dubois, Andrew Myers, Rachel Simoneaux, Maddie Neff, Darby Molony
Gabrielle Carter, Emily Tran, Trent Humphrey

Our regular priest celebrant for Mass is Fr. Henry Kulah
Pastor, St. Patrick Parish

About Sacraments…

Fr. Henry available in lower church before Mass
for Sacrament of Reconciliation
Fr. Henry also has Reconciliation each Saturday, 5-5:30, in lower church
Cathedral Reconciliation daily 11:15, Sat 4 pm

Fr. Henry celebrates daily Mass, T – F, at 8 AM here at St. Pat’s
At St. Mary’s M & T 8 AM
Cathedral on Broad St. has a daily noon Mass



We hope that you join us each week for 5 PM Sunday Mass.
All colleges are welcome and all faith seekers can find an open atmosphere
of hospitality in this community.


Sunday Mass schedule of other walking distance, downtown churches:

St. Mary’s (89 Hasell St.)@ 9 AM
Cathedral (120 Broad St.)@ 9 & 11:15 AM, 6 PM  (also 5:30 Sat.)
Sacred Heart (888 King) @ 10 AM (also 4:30 Sat.)
St. Pat has own parish Masses at 8 & 10 AM ( also 6:00 Sat)

Our office is here to listen and to help. Reach out when you need anything!  Welcome!

Welcome to all !!!

September 9, 2018
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time



Stern 201 / 7-8 PM
student-led discussion of Mark’s gospel and a message for our times of struggle in living


WED. Cistern Yard NIGHT PRAYER / 9 PM
a great 20 min study break with other students
a perfect way to end the class day with God

THURS. TEA at Daughters of St Paul
Each week at 5 PM join other students in the sisters’ garden area to relax with tea and snacks – great way to wind down
(Pauline Media store – corner of King & Beaufain)

THIS SAT.  CSA guys & gals NIGHT
Meet at Cistern at 7:30 and go to dinner together
a great and easy way to meet more people
(at 10 pm CAB is showing Incredibles2)




We need you as a blood donor for our HUGE

Red Cross CofC CSA BLOOD DRIVE on Sept. 19. 9 – 3
Sign up on Cougar Mall beginning this Wed
or write Blaine (billingsbt@g.cofc.edu)
Our goal is 60 units of good blood – so we need at least 80 sign ups!

Please join us on Instagram & Facebook:
CofC Catholic Student Association

a community outreach center helping families and people without permanent homes
just a few blocks from us on America Street
serving hot lunch M-F, GED classes, Food & Clothing pantry, Parenting / Finance / Computer classes
They are our partners at CSA

REFLECTION to help prepare for scripture readings at today’s Mass:
Today the reading from the prophetic book of Isaiah comes from a time when the Hebrew people had escaped annihilation at the hands of their enemy. But now… with a new generation there was a new enemy. Isaiah says to look back and believe that it was the Lord’s hand that saved their ancestors. Then look to the present crisis and believe all that the Lord can do again. The imagery is strong and vivid. Then we hear Jesus in Mark’s gospel. Those same strong images from Isaiah come to life in this one deaf man brought to Jesus. The blind see, the mute talk, the lame walk, and the deaf hear. James’ letter challenges us to be rich in this faith… poor in worldly things. Jesus has promised the kingdom to those who love him. We do that by receiving each other as heirs of this promise, not as adversaries to judge and fight. So, God says to us: if your heart is frightened, fear not… be strong… here is your God… he comes to save you. What a promise to believe in!

Please Come to Lower Church after Mass
Brown Dog Deli sandwiches, cheese pierogi, veggies, pasta salad,
chicken salsa & chips

Great way to meet new people