Service Outreach

Watch CALENDAR page upcoming events

Sept 29, Oct 27, Nov 10…Breakfast for Neighborhood House families

Sept 19…Red Cross Blood Drive 

Sept 8 … building with Habitat for Humanity… Oct 20

Oct. 31 Trick-or-Canning for food pantry

Helping with LowCountry Pregnancy Center Oct 12

Dec 1 sorting canned goods at regional foodbank

Sept 5, Oct 3, Nov 7…Free Laundry Night for America St community

Every month… GLEANING – collecting fresh produce for families at Neighborhood House from Farmers Market
(Saturdays – Sept. 1,  Oct. 6,  Nov. 3,  Dec. 1)

Every month… BEDDING PICK UP at Sleep Number store


CSA Gleaning at Farmers' Market for Neighborhood House

CSA Gleaning at Farmers’ Market for Neighborhood House

“I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you should also do.” (Jn 13:15)

CSA SOCIAL SERVICE MINISTRY: In response to the Gospel message members of the Catholic Student Association make time to serve the needs of others, to offer comfort, friendship, and assistance. They also seek to study the challenge which Catholic social teachings bring to their actions. The students demonstrate good stewardship by investing time, treasurer and talent in specific areas of need.

In the words of Pope Francis, “”True power is service.”

CSA plans many service events each semester. We encourage you all to take advantage of these opportunities to put your faith into action.

Outreach to the community can be just a one -time event or a full-time commitment, ranging anywhere from a week to a few years. CSA works with the Catholic Volunteer Network, which is a membership organization of over 180 different full-time volunteer programs both in the US and abroad. CVN is open to people of all faiths, backgrounds, ages, and educations. There are placements for people with a wide variety of interests and skills. Keep an eye on the bulletin for future service events!


Special CSA Social Service Ministry includes:

Blood drives

LowCountry Orphan Relief clothes sorting

LowCountry Foodbank can sorting

Habitat for Humanity house building

Pet Helper animal rescue

40 Days for Life Prayer

Hunger Awareness and Trick or Canning

Neighborhood House activities

Collections for Sandy Relief & Homelessness Blanket Drive

Past CSA state-wide, college service experiences:
College DAY of SERVICE
Join board of HomeWorks of America- Columbia
Morning on site helping with home renovations materials
Box lunch
Afternoon discussions about the aim of service, service immersion opportunities, and the value in school break, summer, gap year, and post-grad immersion programs

Open to 7 students around diocese through application process
Summertime week in Guatemala building a cinder block home for a personal family – arrive Sunday night – build home M-F – return USA on Sun.
Student pays air flight + $250 fee for home bldg. materials + dinner each night
great opportunity – 5 students went last summer – eye opening experience
Due date – end of Feb. – more details to follow