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Diocesan Campus Ministry Retreat!

When: Feb 7th – Feb 9th 2020

Where: White Oak Conference Center

Theme: What We Believe

The theme, What We Believe, is based on the Kerygma. What is the Kerygma? Kerygma is a term that is largely unfamiliar to most Catholics. Kerygma (from the Greek keryssein, to proclaim, and keryx, herald) refers to the initial and essential proclamation of the gospel message. To put it simply, the kerygma is the very heart of the gospel, the core message of the Christian faith that all believers are called to proclaim.



Meredith Clemmens lives in Washington, DC where she soaks up all the blessed spaces she gets to occupy during her mid-twenties single life.  For 40 hours a week, she works as an IT consultant for a regional HVAC/energy management company. During her 2.5+ hour daily commute time (#citylivin), Meredith reads (and rarely finishes) nonfiction books, listens to Catholic podcasts, and dreams up the scenarios by which she will meet herfuture husband on public transportation. She volunteers in prison ministry for the Archdiocese of Washington and as a committee chair for the local board of StreetWise partners, a nonprofit focused on workforce development for low-income and immigrant adult mentees.  Meredith is an active parishioner at Holy Comforter Saint Cyprian Catholic Church in Capitol Hill, where 11am Sunday mass often spans two full hours of lively preaching and gospel music. While attending Clemson,Meredith was small group coordinator for the Catholic Student association, studied abroad in Argentina, worked as an au pair in Italy, and interned in Boston. Through all the spaces she’s occupied, past and present, Meredith has reveled at the Holy Spirit’s work in fostering deep human connection and writing love stories which extend far outside herself. Her most recent prayer mantra has been “Jesus, narrow my gaze on You so my love may be broadened for them.” Meredith looks forward to meeting you in February!


Doug Tooke is the Director of Ministry with ODB Films as well as an adjunct staff member with Life Teen International. Doug
specializes in small and combined parish youth ministry training, resource development and parish coaching. With
Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Philosophy and Theology and a Masters in Pastoral Ministry he has over twenty years of
professional ministry experience. He has traveled to over 100 Diocese in the past 15 years teaching, keynoting conventions, and training youth ministers. He is a recipient of the National Catholic Youth Ministry Award from the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry.


We hope to see you there!



Every year, students have the opportunity to participate in several different Catholic retreats.



Both Regional and Student Leadership Retreats are held during the Fall Semester, and a Statewide Retreat during the Spring Semester.



These retreats are based in Catholic Tradition, but all students from South Carolina colleges and universities are welcome!



Planned by campus ministers and students leaders, retreats are an opportunity to “get away” while growing in faith and meeting new people.

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Fellowship, food, music


Student-led, small group faith discussions

Recognized faith speakers


Eucharist and Penance